Buhayin ang Tanaga!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tatlong Tanaga ni Nonilon Queano

Muntik nang mapatula
Sa bomba ng tanaga
...Ngunit puno ng luha
43'y di pa laya.

Sige na nga, sige na,
Ang tula ay ikasa
Apatnapu't tatlo ba
P-noy, kailan lalaya?

Sigaw ng bayang api
Free the Morong 43
Lumalim na ang gabi
Hustisya'y bakit bingi?

posted by Jardine Davies @ 6:19 PM


Perhaps a brief background on the 43 would be appropriate for other readers to appreaciate the weight of this political piece.

Do you have old tanagas used in the same political tone?

It seems to me that the forced rhymes and the rhythmic beat are the best poetic tools for emphasizing the politics of the author. Methinks, this can be exploited by other poets by incorporating pieces of the tanaga in free verse.
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