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Monday, February 13, 2006

An Update - Finally!

I have been swamped by a lot of emails thanking me for creating this site.
Some are as mundane as asking me to help them in their poetry assinments while others are more encouraging - asking me to keep updating the website.

"The cause must not die," one email says. In my musing I thought, it was a big mistake not to continue. One, my google rankings for the keyword "tanaga" went down. So unfortunate for the cause, the Tanaga volcano got there higher. Two, instead of popularizing the tanaga as an art, this site becomes the best example of a forgotten cause. I now realize it's a sad tale being retold online. If I am to be a champion of this art, I can't be mediocre with updates.

To the students requesting more tanagas, I can only provide you with examples. Please note that they are published here under copyright. Do not claim it as your own =) I know how irresistable that feels for an 'A' grade. Trust me your teachers will love you more for excellent research than plagiarism.

This brings me to my final point: I need submissions. I can't do this on my own. I need help from other supporters of lost arts as these. Please send your tanaga contributions to tanaga@gmail.com before the art dies in oblivion!

Here's one thing for everyone to know why I haven't updated that much. Yes it's the day job. This perhaps to show that tanaga can be used for other things less serious... Read between the lines:

how simple marketing is
if they ask - you are happy
if they buy - you're happier
if they don't - you are so fucked

- Jardine Davies

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