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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ako po ay tutula

Nang mahabang mahaba;
...ako po ay uupo;
tula ko'y tapos na po
dahil ako'y pupu-pooh.

-Richard R. Gappi
10:37AM, 15 Oktubre 2010
Angono, Rizal, Pilipinas
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Makoy, This work forces me to contemplate on our ancestor's creative use for the tanaga and various iterations of poetry as a practical communication tool. The modern twist is apparently very colloquial and I would surmise the same use could have been done in the past. We have bugtongs (riddles) laced with humor and innuendo and such themes could very well be approached less seriously with the tanaga. That's to say, it seems then, as it is now, the form has largely oral roots and could conceivably be less formally put, but could be written so if demanded. Hopefully more research will turn up to verify these musings of mine.
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