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Friday, March 04, 2005

3 Tanagas: 1-800-Filipino

The Tanaga below is a departure from the native language which Tanaga was intended for. It is written in the second tongue of Filipinos, (English), which is technically already quasi-native to the Filipinos.

When the business outsourcing trend reached the Philippines - the prevailing competitive advantage that is harped is based on what is deemed a high level of proficiency in the English language of Filipinos (with minimal accent disparity), as well as a technology-abled workforce.

This Tanaga critiques utilitarianism:

3 Tanagas: 1-800-Filipino

I. Business Development

Inbound customer's galore
I care not about eyesore -
let calls come forevermore;
offshore: the new diaspore.

II. Profitability

Hail the blue caterpillars
dirtying their white collars!
For quarter of your dollars -
new economic pillars!

III. Research Goal: Sustainability

The Node of Vitality,
Must build new technology:
Pure third world fidelity
for ambidexterity.

- Jardine Davies.

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