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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Makatarungang inggit
(P.S. sa mga minero ng Chile)

...Mabuti pa sa Chile,
Meron ng Freed 33.
Itong Morong 43,
Posas pa rin ng gabi.

-Richard R. Gappi
6:31AM, Huwebes, 15 Oktubre 2010
Angono, Rizal, Pilipinas
posted by Jardine Davies @ 6:18 PM


Here's another political piece but this time with a tinge of dismay that is used to emphasize a point.

"Meron ng Freed 33", could very well be "Meron nang Freed 33" but regardless, this piece reminds me of the common Filipino expression 'buti pa ang...' - something it seems in our Filipino soul harken to dalit and lamentations where juxtaposition is a figure of speech. I'm not certain if scholars have evaluated this expression as a very specific "tayutay" already and perhaps it is... the form being a juxtaposition of two images wherein the speaker's more familiar and thus implied subject (that which he relates to) is positioned as less powerful, in a lower rung, or more inept than the subject in the sentence.

This structure it seems to me, forces us to re-evaluate the rules and complexities of Filipino grammar as it seems we have two subjects acting as one (because otherwise the juxtaposition is not gonna work) - the main subject and it's familiar subject - providing an implied meaning of envy or lament - something contrary to scholarly traditions. As I am not a scholar of semantics and grammar, I reserve my judgment and keep this question open for experts to discuss.

What do you think?
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