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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Modern Tanaga on Homosexuality and Coming Out

On closet lives klet goes on to critique:

Hari-hariang bading
Pag-asta ay mahinhin
Sukol na nga ang lihim
'Di pa rin umaamin

- Klet Makulit, Lucena City,
Incidentally, she makes it a point that it is mentioned that she's not gay, whatever her intention is. Interestingly, The makabagong tanaga, had become a more open form, and no longer a limiting art. It has come of of its closet so to speak.

While the Haiku, and the Japanese Tanka have been admittedly more popular, the same can be said of the Tanaga: Until it is used more in a non-ethnocentric form by the use of foreign languages and thus appreciated as an art form, it will not be as popular.

There is always something that history leaves in its tiptoeing passage; the Tanaga's charm is one such legacy. We can look back in its past as a moral tool of our Filipino ancestors - yet even more beautifully as a modern man's tool for critique and communication. The art will remain; remnants will stay. How the moderns use the tanaga or view it will define its significance, and recover its meaning. Posts in this website have created many lives out of the Tanaga. Unlike what is said in the poem above, the real Tanaga does not dread coming out. It finally has said, "Yes, I am an Art - worth all the Praise."
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