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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Magulang man ay Tutol

The title when translated means, "even if parents disapprove (of me/of a lover)". Aldrin Cantos posts these two Tanagas. They are separate poems, by the way. The quality of a Tanaga can be judged outside its form as these two moral 'treatises' show. When the proverbial intent outweighs adherrence to spelling, Filipino's form of poetic license via pagdadaglat, (contraction) is invoked.

Shown in this piece via ako + ay, reduced to a monosyllable Ako'y; 'Di (from Hindi) and 'Wag, the contracted form of "Huwag".

Irog ko'y aakayin,
patungo sa simbahan.
Magulang man ay tutol,
bilang ako'y manugang.


Harangan man ng sibat,
granada at masinggan.
'Di ako mamamatay,
'Wag lamang tatamaan.

- Aldrin Cantos, Philippines.
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