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Monday, March 07, 2005

A Collaborative Tanaga

This next one is a collaborative Tanaga. One author wrote the first two lines, and another author tried to complete the last 2 lines of the piece. It's a very creative and fulfilling exercise. Interestingly, since this next Tanaga talks about a supersition about the bad luck of sex inside the car, the paired words like hapi-hapi, leche-leche, and sabi-sabi worked to become not just syllable placeholders but as visual methapor of the act itself:

Bawal daw 'pag sa kotse,
Doon mag hapi-hapi.
Baka magleche-leche,
Yaon ang sabi-sabi.

- Jardine Davies and a poetess
posted by Jardine Davies @ 8:10 AM


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