Buhayin ang Tanaga!

Monday, March 07, 2005

CathCath's Gift

The CA t creates a tanaga as a birthday gift for Tito Rolly's kiddo. This is one of the unique things about our culture. As far as I know the practice of creating poems, singing of songs or reciting of old tales had been a cultural practice for some tribes in the Philippines. I have reason to think this is similar for other Filipinos, hence the concept of pasalubong, etc.

I will leave you a notable stanza just to tickle your fancy, but leave the rest for you to discover in her webiste at cathcath.com. Do check it out:

panggigil, di napigil,
isang gabing walang b’wan,
Saksi ay ang tikatik
ng bumuhos na ulan.

- The CA t, cathcath.com

This link points to her complete version.
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