Buhayin ang Tanaga!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I'm no poetic lover

Leya contributes with this lyrical piece. Makes me wonder how sweet it is to make a tanaga for a special person!

The difficulty in Tanaga as Mark Angeles says is rooted on the concept of gansal (odd) and pares (even). The Tanaga being in the gansal form, is harder ... Seven syllables can only take you so far. The comfort of adding an eighth syllable is too tempting, but such is the challenge. that is why to come up with a Tanaga for a lover is no mean feat:

I'm no poetic lover,
No wishful thinking either,
But when my eyes locked with yours,
My lonely life swayed its course.

- Leya Opinaldo, Philippines.
posted by Jardine Davies @ 3:12 AM


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