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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Poetry Reading

Pinoypoets'™ Anniversary Night @ Conspiracy.

If you're a writer, a poet, an artist or simply a lover of literature, better block off Tuesday, June 28, 8 PM on your social calendar.

Pinoypoets (PP), an online community of literary enthusiasts, will be holding its first anniversary bash at Conspiracy Bar in Quezon City. The event, dubbed PP 'to!(The Pinoypoets'™ First Anniversary), promises to be an evening filled with laughter, music, and of course, excellent poetry. Prominent social, academic, and literary figures Makati Rep. Teddy Locsin Jr, Conchitina Cruz, Vin and Kris Dancel, Noel Del Prado, Joyce Burton Titular, Enrico John Torralba, Hannah Romawac, Roli Inocencio, Nerissa Del Carmen Guevarra, Monica Llamas and Gary Granada, are but a few of our guest readers.

Admission is FREE
posted by Jardine Davies @ 12:28 AM


Wish I could go. Sounds like it is something worth going to :)
Anonymous Clair, at 1:34 AM  
Yes clair it is! and its free! this is a rare chance to see so many personalities read poems ... there will be bands too!
Blogger Jdavies, at 1:40 AM  
Umattend ka ba? Ngayon ko lang nabalitaan eh. :)
Blogger Ver, at 6:48 AM  
oo. astig ung event madaming dumalo. conspi was packed. it's good to know that there's a substantial number of people who love poetry. Nalasing yata ako :p
Blogger Jdavies, at 9:19 PM  
kelan ito? well i've been writing tanaga poems -- marami na rin akong nagawa. actually it's my past time -- crafting tanaga poems in my low tech cell phone

here is a sample, kanina lang gawa sa loob ng jeep galing commonwealth

Sa nakakalbong gulong
Jeep na dumadagundong
Santong Boses may bulong
May radikal na tanong
Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:29 AM  

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