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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Another Tanaga Site

Clair Ching writes:

"I have written a paper on the tanaga and the haiku for one of
my comparative literature courses back in college and I have noticed that
there aren't so many tanaga out there. I am glad that this blog
encourage people to write tanaga."
Thanks to Ms. Clair Ching for these kind words. I really appreciate it. Encouraging words as these are more than enough payment to continue this endeavor. I have also been advised that there is some buzz about this site amongst some literary circles. While that is not my intention, it would surely help to make sure this art does not die. Modernizing an art revives traditionalists long slumbering in non-creativity. Hopefully this buzz will continue until the Tanaga is no longer a footnote of our history.

On that note, I'd like to post on of Ms. Clair Ching's Tanaga. Pardon me if I had to choose a sad one:

Hinabing mga tela
makukulay na hibla
binenta sa Maynila
ngunit pera’y nawala

- Clair Ching, Philippines

Her website features other Tanagas, too.
You can visit it here.
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Thanks for posting my tanaga :)
Actually, that tanaga is something that my friends told me that they like as well.

I hope to write more in the future but I really enjoy reading various tanaga submissions you get. I hope that more people will write them ;)
Anonymous Clair, at 9:20 PM  

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