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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Two Tanagas

I have been on a hiatus-of-sorts. Having been busy with my poetry, my online life thus, had to suffer. I have been absent from my blogging community, too, and this blog in particular had been a long time without an update.

It is such a pleasure thus, that when I am ready to update this blog, one tanaga in a local/regional Filipino language I have solicited months ago from a friend is waiting to be read in my inbox. It would be dream come true seeing a hundred thousand tanagas not just in foreign languages, but also in the original Filipino languages and regional dialects! I wonder when that day will come?

I leave it to you now to enjoy:


hutik sang kagab-ihon
nagapukaw sa akon
kapung-aw sang kahapon
akon lamang suungon.

A night's whisper keeps me awake.
My nostalgia of yesterday,
this I have to bear.


kay wala sang pigado
kung ang Diyos ang husgado
nano mang panghimulos
manggad nga indi imo?

For mendicancy exists naught
If judged by the Almighty
Why keep a wicked spirit
On wealth that's temporary

(Translation by the Author)
- Annvee
posted by Jardine Davies @ 4:02 AM


use common translation naman po para maintindihan.pano naman maeenjoy jan. SAna TAGAlOG
Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:14 AM  

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