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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Must Say 2: On Tanaga Homeworks

Continuation of a previous post (read: rant) about Haiku requests and Tanaga

Some Copyright guidelines
for students who use this site for their school projects:

There are Filipino tanagas here published in the previous months, all copyrights of which are retained by their respective authors. Mere publishing on this site from their end is an approval to the editor and expressly, an approval to the public that their work may be exhibited for the sake of the saving a dying art form. However, this means that while they may be copied for educational purposes, full credit due must be provided to them. This must not be forgotten.
A link back to this site (and the exact work cited) is also needed should you quote the same on your term papers.

Perhaps I should add a search button on or a list of poems on the archive. Allow me to rant though. I understand the difficulty in writing tanagas, however, it is NOT right to demand this writer for your freaking homeworks. I suggest make your ur own tanagas rather than copying for your homeworls. It's not that difficult. Please contribute to goal of keeping the art alive, rather than merely distributing the mere handful of surviving tanagas that we have.
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